Vasily Papin. Once on the Faroe Islands.

28 ноября 2018




 In the storming Atlantic ocean, in the Northern part, closer to Iceland, but away from Denmark, on the remote island of Eysturoy, which is a part of the eighteen Faroe Islands, where it warmly rains or fluffy snows 280 days a year, where there is no EU calendar, in the capital city of the chess kingdom Runavik with a population of just over five hundred citizens, the traditional annual international tournament on classical chess ‘Runavik Open – 2018’ has ended.




And again, the main sponsor of the tournament, or to be more precise, in fact the only one was Torbjorn Jacobsen – the mayor of Runavik, and he is the main fan of the chess Kingdom.


Twenty-eight candidates for the main prize from ten countries, including eight grandmasters, overcoming doubts and airspace in their battles determined the winner, medalists and nominees of the most important and prestigious annual capital tournament.


 And only the last round and its last game revealed the sole winner.


The final games of the rating-favorite Oleg Korneev (Spain) and lowest rating player Vasily Papin (Russia) who have 6 points before the last round, the final games ended differently. Oleg draw (6.5), and I got lucky (7).


The third place with 6 points each was shared by Rogvi Nilsen (Faroe Islands), Vadim Malakhatko (Belgium) and Alexander Karpatchev (Russia). Rogvi was better according to the additional tie-breaks and he became the medalist. Congratulations to Rogvi, sympathy to Vadim and Alexander.




The winner of the tournament with the President of the Faroe Islands Chess Federation Mr. Finnbjorn Vang


And although there are a lot of songs about the Faroe Islands drowning in flowers, I will sing one more… this song is dedicated to my new friend whom I met at the Chess Olympiad in Batumi – Eduard Dukhovny. He has been living for many years in Boston. So, there were life circumstances. But what is happening in the country where he was born, grew up, studied, worked, he constantly follows and worries, as well as concerning the chess world. 




The way to Faroe Islands though not so far according to the Russian standards, but long. From Moscow only way - by plane . Start is from Sheremetyevo.




The road to Copenhagen flew over the clouds, or in the clouds themselves.




At the airport of the capital of Denmark, there was a joyful wait for the local connecting flight, only 6-7- hours. At the same time, it is not recommended to stand in one place, you can stony.




The waiting ends safely under the cover of night darkness in Torshavn airport.




Arriving participants of the tournament are not only waiting on paper, 




but warmly and kindly meet and transfer from one island to another to the place of temporary residence. On the ground, suddenly, an appetite wakes up which was sleeping serenely in the air. 




In the harsh conditions of healthy competition, as a rule, the strongest survives. McDonald’s didn’t.




Now on the island at night Farhat rules with shawarma and pizza. The choice of the President, approved by us, fell on pizza.




The night lights of Runavik appeared in front.




There are so many golden lights not only on the streets of Saratov,




but also, on the streets and avenues of Runavik.




Night. Tired during the day Runavik sleeps quietly together with the tired toys and bears.




But this doesn’t prevent peaceful Russian fishermen from the trawler ‘Pavel Kutakhov’ to carry out repair and restoration work with the jackhammers and sledgehammers on the ship after the August fire.




Still warm but already one can feel the cold breath of the coming winter. After all, the New Year is not far off. Runavik is ready to welcome Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. All that remains to hang the toys, balls, crackers.




A beautiful building filled with the light of knowledge is a local school where the chess tournament took place.




The cobblestone – the weapon of the local proletariat.




A cozy and comfortable place of residence of the tournament – the best and the only hotel ‘Runavik’ in Runavik.




The streets in the chess kingdom are straight and wide.




Houses are not typical as in the Stroiteley streets in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and pleased to one’s eyes, individual, multi-colored, like the flowers in the flowerbed.




There are cars, there are roads, but the there is almost no traffic on it. Well, except that it imperceptibly arises with the sunrise and sunset. Naturally, there are no traffic jams, the existence of which the residents of Runavik will learn before going to sleep from the evening Moscow TV news.




The silence is all day long.




The large pets are kept in the cat or dog-houses and always with a view to the street.




Members of the village commune, according to their Charter and spirit, build a new world of free labor and live in a world commune.




While the local communards are building the new world, the newcomers in the school next to them break the French defense with the English Opening and the Petrof defence destroy to the ground the Berlin wall. All nine rounds are like that.




After the battle. Cosy and compact.




Entrance to the hall according to the rating.




Then according to the weight.




And then according to the list announced by the Chief Arbiter Hans Skaale.




Panorama of the battle in Runavik.




It should be noted that all participants are members of one big family, on the banner of which is embroidered with gold threads ‘Gens Una Sumus!’.




And while the head of the family torn between the snowy Khanty-Mansyisk and foggy London, in the sunny Runavik in his absence such family rumbles take place.




The main troublemakers of the family peace were Vadim Malakhatko




Vasily Papin and Oleg Korneev,




Alexandr Karpatchev and Max Markensten,





Vitaly Sivuk,




Gudmundur Kjartansson,




Vitaly Bernadskiy,




Elias Petersen,




Jon Nielsen,




Nikita Maiorov,




Heidrikur Jacobsen,




And Normunds Miezis.




And yet very civil strife ended with a peaceful analysis of what has happened. Once in the games of Oleg Korneev vs. Gudmundur Kjartansson.




And Vasily Papin – Kaj Olsen.




The early establishment of the temporary peace was facilitated by the fact that next to the playing hall, the hall of battles and the showdown at the chess table there was a hall with reconciling and uniting tables. Where, with the direct participation of the president himself, 




the home-made food was cooked, roasted and steamed with love and soul.




The main thing, of course, was the tournament. But unfortunately, it was fleeting. Especially when two rounds were played on separate days. And nevertheless, if you wish, you can always find time to see with your own eyes 




the hut on the chicken legs, 




Standing on the roads of the brigantine,








And the yachts.




Also, the big ships come from the ocean to the harbor of Runavik. Even Gorbachev himself arrived to Runavik to finish the ‘perestroika’ (reconstruction) started in the ocean, which will end, as it is not difficult to guess, with disorder, vacillation, privatization and the bunch of metal instead of the ship. 




In the harbour here is proud and handsome ‘Pavel Kutakhov’. Floating native land.




they are inviting over.




Without thinking forward and up.




The command post of the captain.




Morning hours. Most of the team are on the well-deserved rest in the quarters, in their beds after the working night.




And for the chess champion of the trawler change of the activities is the best rest.




So, the chess is alive and flourish at the seas and oceans.




You can talk to TV, but better with the all-seeing Vice Speaker.




Now the Vice Speaker is calm. The weight plates are removed.




There are underground workshops,




And entire factories for the harvesting and processing of the fish. 




Sailor’s cockpit with the individual curtains. It was taken as the basis for the reserved seats car of the Russian Railways.




Though away from home, but still feels like home. There only thing is that your dearest and bellowed ones are not near. 




After all, the New Year is soon! But the trawler’s crew will celebrate it in the high ocean, deaf and "humpbacked", where the storm is right.




The native land will feed and water you. 




And rally around 




the best sons and real patriots of the motherland. 




A man, as the poet said, is only need 




that someone was waiting for him at home.




These are not ruins. These are fragments of history under the open sky.




The roads that we choose. Gudmundur Kjartansson,




Nikita Maiorov.




Each road is the meetings with old friends, 








and catching with new ones.




And again, there is a rainbow in the sky. It means there will be no flood.





And there are more such bridges on the island than residents.




And there are more rivers and creeks than bridges.




Along this road are coming to Runavik chess Kingdom not only chess professionals but also football professionals.




The local football club is the champion of the country, which means a guaranteed participation in the Champion’s League. Therefore, the stadium should meet all requirements.




It does.




Unlike a football match, where it is played for 1,5 hours and two halves, there are nine rounds in the chess tournament. And in most cases, there are nine playing days. The walking is over, and the tournament is going on. Vitaly Sivuk.




Hogni NielsenVitaly Sivuk.




Vadim Malakhatko – Aleksandr Karpatchev.




Vitaliy Bernadskiy – Nikita Maiorov.




Gudmundur Kjartansson – Hogni Nielsen.




Jonatan Pinheiro Rogvi Nielsen.




But the time comes when the last game of the last round ends, and the results of the tournament are announced.




And this is the lot of the president of the Faroe Islands Chess Federation Finnbjorn Vang.




To award,




To present,




To congratulate is the lot of Torbjorn Jacobsen, the Mayor of Runavik.




The best in the nominations are: Jon Nielsen,




Jonatan Pinheiro,




Heidrikur Jacobsen,




Hogni Nielsen.




All nominees are together.




It was the turn of those who slightly, just a little bit didn’t reach the top three. Nikita Maiorov, 7th place.




Vitaliy Bernadskiy, 6th place.




Alexandr Karpatchev (5th place), Vadim Malakhatko (4th place).




And finally, the medalists. Rogvi Nielsen (3rd place).




Oleg Korneev, 2nd place.




And the winner. Vasily Papin.




The tournament in Runavik is over.




According to the good tradition, the ear cast of the winner takes an honorable place among the ears of the winners of the previous tournaments.




The farewell dinner. Will we meet again on the Faroe Islands? We don’t know. But we are sure that we will meet again somewhere else! Maybe be on the Faroe Islands!




Homes are already waiting for us… Time for souvenirs.




Good bye to the mountains, president




and Runavik.




Gudmundur Kjartansson. It looks like Island. But it is not. No geysers. 




The Faroes.




So, this is how they will be remembered. The islands that grow out of the ocean.




Small towns and villages where unsophisticated simple and kind people live and work, who believe in enchantment and magic of chess.




The capital airport with the sacred sheep.




The airport is the only one, but the flights are different. Oleg goes to the south,




And I am with Alexandr Karpatchev to the north.




A glance at the monitor and the final information about the fleet of the Faroes.




Three aircrafts and two helicopters. Also good.




And again, the flight over the clouds.




And safe landing at the Sheremetyevo. At home. For how long?



Final standing



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